Custom Development
At MiNDWAY TECH we help custom develop various business applications like financial, manufacturing and production management, Human resources, Tele-communication, Banking, customer relations, e-commerce, Payroll and Inventory application for any small , Medium and high range businesses We will customize and build any web based application and leverage the existing application that is built on Java and .NET Technology. Applications integration demonstrates end to end integration, from Presentation layer (portals) to persistence layer with any database like Oracle, MYSQL and Microsoft SQL. We work with all the open source frame works that support web applications

We help your business to expand IT investments dynamically and respond to changing business conditions. The solutions will provide today’s data for tomorrow’s business needs. Platform integration can deliver improved application performance. Increase the productivity on existing application and extending applications.
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Sitewatcher Surveillance
MiNDWAY TECH introduces SiteWatcher™, which is cost effective video surveillance service for business, schools, residential use...
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