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MiNDWAY Tech introduces SiteWatcher™, which is cost effective video surveillance service for business, schools, residential use and entertainment venues. Video surveillance comes with intelligence. This protects your property and family.

Once the camera is set up, it can be accessed worldwide through an internet browser. The setup takes few minutes and is hassle free. Set up is easy and it can be hosted off-site or onsite according to the demand of the user. No complex equipment or software and no complicated Digital Video Recorders (DVR) are required. Digital video of camera’s vision live or recorded footage can be viewed remotely or in the same facility. The recorded footage is indexed with date and time for instant situation appreciation. This enables the user to find a recorded footage for a particular date and the specified time. Triggers can be set for instant alerts to a data enabled phone or PDA, pager or e-mail.

Motion Activated Video
The camera detects motion and captures video only when something happens. You can review this action by clicking on the date and time when motion is detected.

Internet Based
Your video is stored so you never have worry about the loss of footage or tampering of the footage. You can view this footage from any part of the world using internet.
Here are few benefits of IP Camera
  • Reduce and eliminate theft or vandalism.
  • Increase employee productivity and safety.
  • Can monitor if the students are bullying each other.
  • Added value for safety.
  • Prevent fraudulent liability claims.
  • Document important events.
  • Know when an incident occurred important events can be recorded and archived.
  • There is no need of any on-site hardware or software to set up and configure.
  • Real time alerts can easily be configured to notify anytime motion detection.
  • Cost efficient and provides security
  • Latest Technology and easy to use
  • Remote Access to your cameras from any part of the world.
Safety is very essential in this troubled world. Video surveillance brings peace and happiness when you are at work or traveling to different countries or traveling inside your country.

Video Surveillance can be used to record any event like public meetings or to provide temporary surveillance of a facility or watch patients in hospital buildings.
Surveillance cameras can be placed in restaurants and other public places to avoid any nuisance. It can be used in banks and grocery stores to avoid theft and vandalism.
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MiNDWAY TECH introduces SiteWatcher™, which is cost effective video surveillance service for business, schools, residential use...
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