MiNDWAY TECH provides effective time oriented business solutions. ERP systems are tailored according to the needs of the company to improve and effectively support adaptive business processes.

We help you to manage and implement your business efficiently. Our goal is to improve your business by reducing cost, improve accuracy and develop customer responsiveness by building packaged applications development and Implementing ERP system that gives strategic advantage to support the complex system integration.

MiNDWAY TECH customizes and extends the existing functions. In today’s fast growing market and to meet the increasing demand, businesses should adapt the latest technology to be competitive & successful. We provide CRM solutions for distribution, retail chain, concept stores and multi-vendor calls for a good & reliable, sales force automation, like opportunity management and lead management to have them linked with back office inventory management and accounting systems. This ensures high level of customer service, reduces duplication & back office operations cost.
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Sitewatcher Surveillance
MiNDWAY TECH introduces SiteWatcher™, which is cost effective video surveillance service for business, schools, residential use...
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